tha ラーメン博物館 - round 2!

with the day off, an a trip to the yokohama in the works, shoe was a looking forward to gettin back to that holyland, the ramen musee-um.
they be rotatin' the ramens in the joint yasee, an so it was loong overdue for a run.

shoe took a good long time to consider the options: 8 mofo bowls on the list, where to start? what to include? what to skip? shee-it. shoe breifly considered knocking off 5 bowls, but he cain't eat likes he used to, so tackled three instead.

so,ya just knew that there had to be a hard pipe-hittin' tonkotsu in the works somewhere, an shoe got two in the end. first up was the komurasaki, from kumamoto. now this all means the garlickk, an the po-tential for mephitic lurk. the bowl was surprisingly light for a tonkotsu, an the garlick, yea of the roasted chip variety, was spot-on. nice start...

next up was a heavyweight tonkotsu from fukuoka, the fukuchan. shoe was leanin' to get an all-round experience, an perhaps go for one of the shoyuu bowls, but in the end he had to go with the most appealin' overall ramens, an it just so happened that the tonkotsu fit the bill.

the perfect noodles, of course for a kyushuu ramen, are the ones you can lace your shoes wit, an the fukuchan had the noodles rockin well. great thick soup, solid solid solid.

so wit two tonkotsus down, shoe slipped in a cheeky beer an had a stroll, just to get the room in for the last bowl, the ryushan-hai. yeah, a nice little fishy bowl wit a dollop o miso onna top to round things off, likes.

well, manoman if this wasnt the man o the match in the joint! right away shoe digs into the soup an it's like BAAM!! flavour the likes of which shoe hada neva evah had before. yea gods, whatta bowl! from the tohoku of all places! then the miso went to work. hot hot hot, started mixin' an meltin' into things, stuff happened, the bowl changed character. now it was an outta control monster, the friendly little seafood taste all morphed an clawin', bitin' spittin' fire! a jekyll n hyde bowl if ever shoe saw one. terrific.

three shots o heroin for the ramen musee-um. shoe will be back!


shoe had a date wit that suckin' black hole that is the immigra-shun office in the shinagawa. after wrasslin' the bear, shoe had to get a bowl in his system. shinagawa? why, the shinatatsu, a no brainer! yes? NO! bindere, dundat likes, shoe says.

time to kick it on the other side o the street where the fujin lies. shoe had always passed it by the by on the way to the shinatatsu, but now was the time. lunch rush, shoe waded in..

and got stuck at the end of the bar wit the hired help sloppin the bowls an throwing mad cabbage around. some chashew-men, box standard puleeze shoe says..

an box standard was what the shoe gots. basic shoyuu, wit some gloppy wakame an some sortof jibbly but sortof not jibbly chashew. old schooley like.

three swinglines for the fujin, sure to be favoured by civ-ill servants everywheres..

shoukai 'men

ole shoe had a spate o guests in the last little while, an' he had to come up with the perfect bowls to do some ole intro-duction to that many faceted diamond we likes to call the world o ramen.

first, the shady swamp lurched inta town, here for a good time, not a long time, but wit a hunger for the ramen, likes. hm! thinks shoe, where cans we gets a bowl o' kinda light ooltra tasty shio? why, the SANTOUKA.

that was frikkin' too easy. crowd pleaser all round. next!

next up was a wee lost soul from the north, stranded oot in the sticks, wit only three days to see the shit. an so, shoe took one o those days to roll through the golden triangle o' harajuku, omotesando an the BOO.

now this poor lad had a never even heard of the ramen! what is UP wit that? shoe had to start from scratch, like explainin' the oogly derivative stuff like 'ichiban nooodles' n other shite. . "so it's like a soup then?" Hm! the ramen is soo much more than a soup, laddy!

anyhoo, where to? this was a puzzler. best to go wit someting not too fancy, yet not too basic. as show was chewin this cud, he spotted a good as any joint - the hashibayan! old schooley kyushu tonkotsu, wit some jibbly.

shoe was wantin to check out the masamune anyway, which he passed on last time. noice!

so there ya have it. two fer two satisfied boogers leavin the island happy as clams.

three welcomes to der fantasy islands.. enjoy!

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